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How Marta Lane turned her Tasting Kauai restaurant guide into a mobile app

Tasting Kauai AppOver the last few years, smartphone and mobile apps have become ubiquitous. For Marta Lane, author of Tasting Kauai: Restaurants — An Insider’s Guide to eating well on the Garden Island, it’s been a concern. How does the author of a published book reach out to locals and visitors who increasingly live in the cloud? How does she compete with other companies, small and large, local and national, which target her audience with similar services?

Going digital

Tasting Kauai needed to go digital. It’s a simple answer but it is complex to implement. The Tasting Kauai team first converted the book into an e-book for Amazon’s Kindle, which required a fair amount of work reformatting the entire book. A mobile app, for smartphones and tablets, was the next logical step. However, mobile apps require more than just formatting existing content — it’s a brand new experience that needs to be created from the ground up.

Partnership with Zendy Web Studio (that’s us!)

In 2015, we (Ty, Mat, and I) invested a lot of time and energy into our mobile application expertise. By the time Fall rolled around we were confident we could build mobile apps for Kauai businesses. Since we didn’t have a portfolio of mobile projects yet we decided to look for a partner from the local business community. Marta seemed like a great fit: she had a great product, we had worked with her in the past, and her team didn’t have the technical chops to undertake this kind of project by themselves.

Introducing the Tasting Kauai Mobile App

Fast forward a few weeks and we are happy to introduce the Tasting Kauai Mobile App. It’s more than just a digital version of Marta’s great restaurant guide: it offers map-based searching, filters (to find restaurants by offerings like “breakfast”, or “vegan”) and it will be updated monthly. And, of course, it still offers the great reviews, insights, and photography from the original book.

Download the app now:

Download for iOSDownload for Android

Tasting Kauai AppHere’s the full press release from earlier today:

Kauai restaurant guidebook made into an app

Kauai food writer releases smartphone app of restaurant guidebook

KAPAA —Tasting Kauai and Zendy Web Studio just released an interactive mobile app, which is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. The app is based on the restaurant guidebook, “Tasting Kauai: Restaurants — An Insider’s Guide to Eating Well on the Garden Island.”

Just like the book, the app includes mini profiles of chefs and restaurant owners and their food. Filters enable users to search by location as well as for breakfast, lunch, dinner, price range, dress code, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, the author’s favorite dining spots, and more. “How to use this app” offers an overview; how restaurants are chosen; and definitions of useful icons. A map shows nearby restaurants that are listed in the guidebook and a “more” tab includes a Hawaiian food glossary and an introduction to the Hawaiian language.

Flexibility in revising the app allows for updates that are faster than print and ebook versions. Free updates are available monthly.

“I’m really excited about this app,” says author, Marta Lane. “There is so much great food on Kauai and I’m thrilled that it’s now digitally accessible. I find myself using it all the time. It’s instant gratification because it’s always current and filters make it extremely easy to find what I’m looking for, and I wrote the book!”

Lane highlights those who are dedicated to real Kauai cuisine — from food trucks to the fine
dining. She has a passion for sustainable agriculture and applauds those who make the effort to source fresh, locally grown food and prepare meals from scratch.

“Tasting Kauai: Restaurants — An Insider’s Guide to Eating Well on the Garden Island” can be downloaded at for $9.99, or by using the app store on smartphones and tablets. Free updates are available monthly. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Hawaii Foodbank, Kauai Branch.

Marta Lane contributes to regional magazines such as Edible Hawaiian Islands, AAA Hawaii and Hana Hou. For more than four years, she wrote two food columns for MidWeek Kauai and The Garden Island newspaper. Lane features Kauai food-related news and events on her blog at and offers five exclusive food tours in partnership with farmers, chefs and food artisans. She describes the tours as “super fun, edible experiences that are educational and based on the seasons.”

Read Marta’s article about the app on the Tasting Kauai blog

Tripidee featured in Civil Beat


One of my projects, Tripidee, was recently featured on Civil Beat. Thanks to Jason for taking the time to interview me and feature the website.

Tripidee is a travel planning website for people you like to research and plan their trips. When you do your trip research online you can save anything you find interesting to your Tripidee account in one click, from any website.

Read the article on Civil BeatGo to Tripidee Website

New portfolio project: Lodge at Kukui’ula


During the Summer of 2015, we designed and coded a website for the Lodge at Kukui’ula. The website lets you get a taste of life at Kukui’ula. We focused on delivering a vivid, invigorating, yet relaxing experience with smooth transitions, background video, and more.

The video background on the homepage was an interesting challenge. Although video backgrounds on websites are becoming common, most of them are now sturdy enough to work well on all browsers, all mobile phone, all tablets, and older computers. So we built a “smart” fallback image so the website would always look great.

Visit WebsiteView Our Portfolio

A Seamless Experience In Website Redesign

Local business owner, veteran massage therapist and Ayurveda practitioner, Darci Frankel, took her time shopping around for the right web development team. After being in business for 13 years, her goal was to simplify her existing website and create something clear and elegant that would represent Kauai and her boutique day spa. She considered several options before deciding on Zendy Web Studio.

About Hanalei Day Spa


“Initially, I considered several web designers. Then I realized that I really liked the guys (and gal) at Zendy and that I wanted to keep my business local, so that’s what I did and I’m happy about that.” -Darci Frankel, Hanalei Day Spa Owner

Hanalei Day Spa was born when Darci was practicing Ayurveda and giving 7 day rejuvenation retreats across the street from the beautiful 5-acre beach front Hanalei Colony Resort. It was suggested to her that she open a day spa on the resort property. Because Darci loves helping people with healing services she said yes, and the rest is history.

Located in paradise, where the ocean, heaven and healing meet, you’ll love visiting their unique location and cherish the individual attention that you’ll receive. Couples and individuals choose from a variety of therapies to enhance their massage, indulging in deep tissue, lomi lomi, or hot stones, as well as receiving their massage beach side in an authentic thatched lomi lomi hale (massage house). In addition to massage, Hanalei Day Spa also offers a variety of Ayurveda treatments.

Simplicity Meets Elegance

Hanalei Day Spa’s previous website was a bit outdated, with a lot of information, and a list of services, some of which they were no longer offering. Darci’s goals were to clean up the website, trim off the excess information and focus the attention on their primary services. In short, she wanted to simplify.

We recommended she go with our Business Card Website with Marketing package. This particular package includes the basics of a Business Card Website with the addition of hours of research related to the client’s industry. Once we knew what people were searching for in relation to her business, we were able to build her website with an emphasis on the associated search terms to increase traffic to her website.

Just recently we had the pleasure of congratulating her on ranking first page on Google!

Google search for “kauai massage”

Google search for “kauai spa”


Implementing Successful Design

We built Hanalei Day Spa’s website in one week. We utilized a custom coded Zendy template which is a proven model that drives more traffic to the contact page, increasing the website conversion rate. The added benefit of implementing one of our most effective designs is the additional time it frees up for us to spend on the finer details, adding personal touches and customizations towards the client’s business.

“Many more people email me now than ever before.” -Darci Frankel, Hanalei Day Spa Owner

When we asked Darci about her business’s website redesign she referred to it as “a pleasant seamless experience”, which is what she provides to her guests at the Hanalei Day Spa. We’re happy to have matched her expectations and created a website that adds value to her business while reflecting the quality and seamlessness of her boutique day spa. It was a pleasure working with Darci. Thank you for choosing Zendy!

For more information about our Custom Web Development Packages contact us today!

We’re Not Magic Makers… Or Are We?

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite thing about working in the web business is meeting with new clients? There’s something really refreshing about meeting new people, hearing their stories, their goals, ambitions, and dreams. During our consultations we’re really building a relationship with each individual so that we can help them succeed. Many of our clients are sole proprietors and small business owners, starting completely from scratch. I used to think that without the necessary resources we wouldn’t be able to deliver a fully functional, professional website. I mean, come on. How are we supposed to build something out of nothing? We’re not magic makers… or are we?


Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Missing Pieces Make For Creative Solutions

As time goes on, more new clients come in for consultations, more projects start and find their way to a timely and successful completion.  There are times when this seems entirely miraculous as our deadlines are generally short – typically one week from start to finish. I’ve witnessed a few projects where the hurdles and obstacles appeared insurmountable, and yet my co workers have impressed me with their initiative and problem solving.

Its not unusual in our office to find one of us asking a question and receiving the response of “I’m sure you’ll figure it out”. Overall this response has been a great motivator to finding creative solutions. There’s no time to ask yourself: what would someone else do? Better go straight to: what am I going to do? And then get right on doing it.

When we are developing a website and there are missing pieces we have no other option but to fill in the gaps by either creating or obtaining the necessary information or visual elements. And generally we must do so in a very timely fashion while delivering the highest quality possible. But hey, no pressure right? Its just what we do.

What’s The Hang Up?

There are several common areas in which people seem to get hung up or not have the resources needed to move forward. While this can be an issue, we try not to let it stand in our way.

Photographs are often a missing element in the beginning of a web development project. While some projects may require a professional photoshoot many do not. In the case where the project allows for something simple, don’t make it complicated. We’ve taken numerous photoshoots with an iPhone – not joking. I thought perhaps they would look unprofessional but our webmaster assured me they’d look great and well, he was right (although I don’t know if we should tell him that).

In the event that your iPhone just won’t do and a professional photographer is outside of your budget stock photos are a great solution. We’ve assisted many clients in obtaining stock images that convey the right message, personality, and feeling for their website.


“I know I needed to create a Website and they made it happen for me. Thank you so much.”
-Cindra Manera, T Designs By Cindra



Copy is often another hang up. And by copy I meant content, writing, the actual words baby. The message, the sell. Have you ever tried to write your own bio and gotten no where? I have. And man, it is not fun. Having objectivity and distance from your subject sometimes helps sum things up into a clearer overview without getting muddled in personal perceptions or points of view. Also, a little help goes a long way and hence we have helped write the copy for many websites, some in its entirety and others just a portion.

And then there is the logo. Its okay if you don’t have one. We’ve created a number of simple text logos in house and we also know of a great graphic designer that we could line you up with. She’s actually working on our logo right now (shhhhh…). You can also start with a simple text logo and get something designed later on down the road. It’s really easy for us to switch it out once you’ve obtained your completed logo design.

Don’t Get Hung Up, We Can Help

Developing a website can be a hurdle to overcome, with a lot of elements needed to be put in just the right places. But don’t let yourself get hung up on the small stuff or beat your head against the wall trying to do it yourself. We can help. We love meeting new people and hearing their stories. We love building websites that work and adding value to our client’s businesses. Check out our portfolio to see some of the work we’ve done or contact us today for a consultation to discuss your project.




Programming Club Showcase: Winter + Spring 2015

Our Winter 2015 programming club group “graduated” this week. Learning to code is an exercise in stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Most of us don’t do that enough, so I’d like to congratulate our 3 hardest workers, April, Andy, and West, for perservering through every hurdle and challenge.

Here are some highlights of our Winter + Spring sessions:

A responsive website

We started the programming club in January. By May, we were able to create a fully-functional responsive website in a single day! April, West, and I created this 2-page website in just under 3 hours. We started from a Bootstrap CSS template, added some HTML, customized the styles, and created all the links between pages. The end result is a simple, beautiful, and helpful website.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.42.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.42.15 PM

An iOS app

Over a period of 3 weeks, we watched video tutorials on iOS apps (apps for iPhones and iPads) and we built an app that shows random facts at the push of a button. It’s a simple project but it proves that learning new programming skills can be relatively fast and easy when directed appropriately.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.52.55 PM

Community volunteer work

All the members of the programming club collaborated to build a new website for a non-profit organization: the Kapaa Business Association. The new website will be polished by the Zendy Web Studio team and launched very soon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.02.58 PM

Learning with Treehouse

Over the last few weeks the programming club members had the opportunity to log onto Treehouse accounts paid for by Zendy Web Studio to learn whatever they wanted from the computer programming world. We had kids (and adults) learn about HTML, CSS, iOS apps, Android apps, mobile game design, JavaScript, and Python.

What’s next?

We will start a new programming club group at the end of the summer. Go to our community page to be part of the next programming club group.

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Create a multi-faceted internet marketing strategy to increase your brand recognition and learn how to promote your business online effectively and measure success empirically by attending our Online Marketing 101 Workshop this Saturday!

In this workshop you will learn:

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  • How to improve the effectiveness and conversion rate of your website.

The Science Behind cR Design + Construction’s Website Success



Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.

– Oscar Wilde


Your website is the first visual impression that passersby will have of your business. If it’s an impressive, functional website, the benefits to your business can be massive. While everyone’s visual tastes are different, there are several universal principles that successful websites embody, such as:

  • quality content
  • usability
  • accessibility
  • a good strategy
  • appealing design
  • a clear marketing strategy

Using these critical success factors as the building blocks of your website design ensures a solid foundation for future growth.

Quality Meets Sustainability At cR Design + Construction

When we began working with cR Design + Construction (CRDC) in September of 2014, we were starting at the foundation and working to establish their online presence as a whole. CRDC is a locally owned and operated design and build firm, comprised of 9 humble born and raised Kauai residents. With over 20 years of experience combined in both architectural design and construction, they have put down strong roots in the community and are committed to reducing environmental impact by utilizing green building solutions and smart design.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.45.59 PM

Quality customer care, artistic vision, green building solutions and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. – cR Design + Construction

As a design firm in their own right, the pressure was on us to deliver a flawless website that not only looks great but meets their very specific needs. Their main goal in developing a website was to get more exposure to future clients while conveying their professionalism, quality, and the breadth of their work. In addition to giving vital information about their business, another important aspect was to give visitors a little bit of eye candy, while keeping it simple, by having a portfolio of some of their best work on display.

A Bit Of Behind-The-Scenes Magic

To deliver a website that would add value to CRDC and represent their business well we started by coding a full screen intro with automatic scrolling when you click more info, or the option to go straight to their contact info. We used icons and broke the content up into sections to keep the wording to a minimum while conveying the maximum amount of information, as well as to keep the content scannable and easy to read. To convey their professionalism we used images of their office, their work, and their staff. Choosing to use circular images and a color hover state over the photos softened the look and feel.

Highlighting the quality of their work was a main priority but we didn’t want to overwhelm visitors so we focused on 3 of their best portfolio projects. While we put the emphasis on these 3 projects we also added a tiled gallery for eye candy and to showcase a variety of their work. There are clear calls to action all throughout the site so that anyone ready to contact them has the information at their fingertips. We embedded a google map and made the phone number clickable for those viewing on a mobile device. (All of the websites we develop are optimized for mobile – which is a ranking factor in google) office alohi

Dream Big, Focus Small

When building a website, there are many aspects to consider while not losing sight of the bigger picture. As we are working to represent each individual and company, highlighting what makes each unique, and focusing on the necessary information to convey, we are also working a little bit of behind-the-scenes magic, which comes from industry experience and knowing what works and what doesn’t… And then delivering it in real time – usually just one week.

At the end of the development period for CRDC we were happy to launch a pixel perfect website that builds confidence and trust in their passion, professional ability, quality, and commitment to sustainability. When we followed up with Caven Raco, owner of cR Design + Construction, he rated it “10 best” and stated, clients mention the website to him all the time; it’s a very useful tool in getting potential clients to see their work, and they are averaging 2 new clients a month.

Leave It To The Pros

We appreciate quality and expertise. When there is an important job to do and you’re not sure how to do it yourself, it’s always wise to get an expert option. Whether you are starting from scratch, like cR Design + Construction was, or you’re redesigning an existing website, the essential building blocks of successful website design can be instituted towards producing the results you want. To schedule a consultation to discuss your project contact us today.

Check Out Their Website

But don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and see for yourself! We also did their Modern Shed Hawaii website. Give it a look, download their catalog.

cR Design + Construction webpage


View Website

Modern Shed Hawaii webpage


View Website


How Ohana Pacific Built A Strong Online Presence In Under 1 Year

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind – or forgotten. This is the central principle that comprises the foundation of Ohana Pacific Management Company’s business values; to treat everyone and each other like family. Including us! We’ve had a great working relationship for about a year now, so when they set out to re-design their website we were eager to help and deliver a pixel-perfect website.


“The Zendy team made the process very easy for us.  If we knew that we could find a partner like Zendy Web Studio we would have probably done this a few years ago!  The cost was unmatched for the quality of product and excellent customer service that they provided.”

-Alisa Racelo, Director of Operations, OPMC

The aim of their recent website redesign was to reflect their standards for providing quality healthcare services in Hawaii infused with the spirit of ohana and aloha. And that’s exactly what we delivered, on time and on budget. (High fives all around!)

But let’s backtrack a bit.

How Ohana Pacific established their online presence with a business card website

We designed their first website in 2014 to convey their professionalism, build their online presence, and help with recruiting. It was the first time Ohana Pacific set out to build a website so we had to do a little bit of everything to bring the project to fruition: graphic design, web design, copywriting, programming, and search engine optimization. They started out with what we call a business card website. A business card website is essentially a simple yet effective design which displays professional information and contact details, while creating trust for the viewer.

Although that website was simple, it worked. Dozens of people contacted the OPMC team via the website and dozens more filled out the online job application.

Everybody has to start somewhere

The key here is to realize that Ohana Pacific did not try to build a perfect website in 2014. They contacted us and we collaborated to figure out a way to launch a website that met the company’s goals. That initial project lasted two weeks and the website served its purpose, letting the community know they were in business, what services they provide, and how to contact them.

A Foundation for growth

However it wasn’t long before their needs outgrew their website’s capabilities. When asked why they decided to redesign their website Alisa Racelo, Director of Operations at OPMC, stated that they were responding to the growing activity on their website which they monitored via reports that we generate for them each month (inquire about our website monitoring and reporting services to learn more). The result of this feedback is a website redesign that exceeded their expectations.

2014 Business Card Website

2015 Re-Design
2015 Re-Design

Alisa Racelo“Our company is in love with the redesign and functionality of the website.”

-Alisa Racelo, Ohana Pacific Management Company

When OPMC was ready to move forward with their website redesign they came to us. They started their project with a graphic designer and provided us with a mock up of the design that they wanted. We took the PDFs and we were able to mimic the images and turn them into actual code, thus making the website faster loading, with the potential to easily make changes in the future while saving them time and money.

Outside of their logos and PDF files, no graphics or photographs were provided to us. All the visual elements, such as their banner image, watermark image, dotted dividers, background image and photographs were generated or obtained by the Zendy team. It was important that the photography capture the spirit of their business and represent the population of the islands that they are servicing, so we helped them find stock photos for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional photographer. We edited their copy and fixed the grammatical errors to ensure a consistent, professional read.

3dac4a9“We don’t overlook the small stuff. Its the little details that count.”

-Ty Yamaguchi, Web Developer, Zendy Web Studio

OPMC has many different locations, to differentiate each one and give it its own personality we were able to code in customized sidebars, as opposed to WordPress’s typically repetitive sidebar. We coded and styled their search template to keep it consistent with the website design, added breadcrumbs (you know, that little menu on the top of the screen that tells you where you are and how you got there) so you’ll never get lost in their website, and customized their 404 page (error message when the website can’t find the page you’re searching for) to match the website, enhanced with a personal message and offering you assistance to find what you’re looking for. We took into consideration the demographic of senior citizens that would be searching for their services and made the website extremely easy to read using a simple font and extra line spacing. And because we were ahead of schedule, on the last day of development we were able to add extra touches, like links to view google maps – in a separate browser window –  for each location.

Due to our process of daily meetings with the website owners to check in, we were able to handle obstacles quickly and efficiently, completing their project in just 2 weeks with no delays. At the end of the day we’re happy to say, we’ve produced a functional, user-friendly, easy to navigate website with a great design that reflects the spirit of ohana and aloha, which is the heart of Ohana Pacific Management Company. – a company that we are happy to work with.

More about Ohana Pacific

To learn more about Ohana Pacific (and to enjoy the wonderful design) you should visit their website!

You can also peruse their core values and explore career opportunities with their team.

How Kauai Business Owner Cindra Manera Got A New Website In Just 5 Days

When we met Cindra we were excited to work with a local Kauai business owner. Cindra came in for her consultation needing a website built in just 5 days. However she didn’t yet have a logo, image, or content. We’re happy to say that she came to the right place, as building websites from scratch is what we do best. No content, no logo, no images? No problem. We make it easy.

Meet T Designs By Cindra


“I know I needed to create a Website and they made it happen for me. Thank you so much.”
-Cindra Manera.

Cindra Manera is the owner and designer at T Designs By Cindra, located on Rice Street in Lihue. Cindra provides interior design for remodeling or new construction projects, from kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers, desks, closets, and bedrooms, to bars, sink areas, floors and more. Using specialized design software and creativity to show how rooms can be arranged to maximize effectiveness and comfort, with new materials, features, and structures, Cindra can assist you to bring your vision to life.

With over 20 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in interior design, no project is too big or too small. Before branching out on her own, Cindra worked for Aloha Lumber building her expertise in kitchen and bathroom design; she then became part of the Container Home Supply team, broadening her experience with all building materials from lumber, windows, doors, and flooring, to roofing and appliances, before moving on to Kauai Lumber where she designed and created their new kitchen showroom including 3 different cabinet lines.

In 2012, with the support of her family, Cindra created T Designs by Cindra and opened her showroom in Lihue. Cindra has such joy in helping people with their kitchens and bathrooms, and has worked on many projects with contractors, homeowners, and condo owners. Whether you want to update your older home, prepare your home or condo to sell or reevaluate existing floor plans before your new construction begins, Cindra can help you achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted by creating functional, comfortable spaces that make you feel at home, while keeping you on budget.

How Cindra Got Started With Zendy

T Designs By Cindra has been up and running for several years now, generating business the typical Kauai way: by great work, solid reputation, and word of mouth. The next phase for Cindra’s business was to develop a website so that more people could find her and the services she provides. We met Cindra thanks to the Kauai Chamber of Commerce – we’re both members. During the consultation we provided, we were able to get to know Cindra, her business, and her goals for a website.

“I felt very comfortable working with them which made me decide on the spot to go with them. They all have a great energy about them. So positive! They asked a lot of questions and made it easy for me. Ty has done an EXCEPTIONAL job and made it fun working with him.”
-Cindra Manera.

During the project kickoff meeting, which we hold with every new client, we discussed the scope of the project, how the website would be developed and what materials were needed. In Cindra’s case, the main elements we requested of her were photos of her work and testimonials from her clients. With these elements in place, as well as an interview with Cindra about her services, and a brief photoshoot at the T Designs showroom, we were able to build an elegant and professional website.

How Cindra Is Benefiting

A  website like Cindra’s – we call them business card websites – is an asset to any small business. It says, “Yes I am a professional, yes I am in business, here’s what I offer and here’s how you can find me.” With T Designs By Cindra,we highlighted her professional skills, her many years of experience on Kauai, some of the work she’s done, and the many options available in her showroom. The contact information is clearly visible on every page and the website is easy to navigate, making it user friendly, and it’s responsive so it looks pixel-perfect on all tablets and mobile devices. Cindra now has a great website that represents her business well where prospective clients can get to know her, her services and what she has offer.


We Make Getting Your Business Online Easy

It’s not always necessary to have all the elements you think you need in place before moving forward with your website development. No logo? No problem. In this case, we were able to create a simple yet effective logo. In the event that you need something specific we know several talented graphic designers that we enjoy working with. Not the best writer or don’t have the time to write the content for your website? We can help. With T Designs we wrote the entire copy after interviewing Cindra about her business. Need more photos? We can come to your location for a photoshoot, like we did for Cindra, or we can assist you in selecting quality stock photos to convey the right message for your business. We also know many incredible photographers that do an amazing job bringing your business to life. And lastly, we offer payment plan options which we can tailor to meet your needs.

Contact us today to inquire about Custom Web Design and Development!